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Breast Enhancement
(Fat Grafting)

Fat transfer is steadily emerging as a robust alternative to breast implant which has become quite a rage in the western countries. Nowadays the trend for fat grafting as a method of breast enlargement is on the rise in India. Fat cells are harvested from another part of your body, such as the thighs, buttocks or abdomen by liposuction refined and then injected into the breast to enhance their appearance. This procedure is ideal for someone who is over the age of 30 and has suffered from the effects of gravity – including decreased elasticity in the chest area – and who has perhaps undergone multiple pregnancies. If what you want is a more natural looking without the use of implants, then a fat injection procedure may be the best solution. The advantage of this procedure is that one's own autologous tissue is being used and no foreign material (implant) is used. Also it is a minimally invasive procedure with no perceptible scars. Hence it is more natural.

We use the anerobic technique of fat transfer (fat cells are not exposed to air) and fat cells are mixed with autologous platelet rich plasma which increases the staying and take rate of fat at the recipient site.