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Double Chin Correction

Some people as they gain weight, tend to collect fat in the upper part of the neck. It is a very commonly requested for procedure and is often added on when doing other procedures. Even with old age there can be a collection of fat and loosening of skin in the upper part of neck behind the chin. This shows up as what is commonly referred to as a "Double chin".

There are two components to this deformity. It could be an isolated collection of fat alone as seen in younger individuals or could be because of lax musculature also, along with the fat deposition.

In younger individuals, a liposuction alone should be enough but older patients may require a tightening of the muscle along with a liposuction, to give good results. If only liposuction is done it is an office procedure and is done under local anaesthesia.

In the case where muscle tightening has to be done, there is a small scar just behind the chin in the upper neck. Post operatively, the patient is required to wear a chin strap (a pressure garment). This will help the skin shrink and give the necessary tightness to the skin to give a nice angle between the jaw and the neck.

In select cases liposuction and neck contouring with barbed threads can mitigate the need for muscle tightening in which no incision is given under the chin.