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Inverted Nipple Correction

What's Going On To Cause Inverted Nipples?

When your nipple stays in a flat, or even a fully depressed or inverted position you're typically dealing with a family heredity issue where perhaps your mother or father's ancestors shared the same breast condition. Alternatively, a small abnormality unique to you occurs where either scar tissue associated with your milk glands, or bound-up and constricted tissue matter encircling the base of your nipple or areola occurs. Result? An inverted nipple condition occurs. Your nipple is effectively 'locked down' into a position, held in place by a matrix of abnormal tissue, even scar tissues in some cases.

A Matter Of Appearance, Sexuality And Breast Feeding? Face it. All women want to be attractive and sexually vibrant. A woman's breast is a key sexual 'marker' where the overall breast shape and nipple projection create the 'total impression'. With inverted nipples, a woman may sense social stigma, and even be concerned that her breast fail to communicate arousal when stimulated. All of these concerns over appearance and function can be markedly reduced with the range of cosmetic surgical treatment option now available.

This surgical procedure, generally performed under local anesthesia involves release of the milk ducts which are tethering your nipple inwards. This allows your nipple to come out and lie in its normal position. Soluble internal stitches are used at the base of the nipple to hold it in position whilst it is healing.