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Pigment Removal

Pigmentation simply means coloring. Hence skin pigmentation is something that causes a disorder that affects the color of the skin. Dark spots or sun spots are also types of pigmentation appearing over the skin. There may be skin pigmentation affecting a particular patch of the skin whereas other variety of pigmentation may be visible on complete body skin. Pigmentation actually is a kind of disease that needs to be rectified immediately.

How you treat your hyper pigmentation is based on its cause, your aesthetic goals and your skin type. Available treatments for hyper pigmentation include topical preparations that blocks melanin, which are the pigment cells that give our skin color. Retino-A is a prescription topical retinoid (derived from Vitamin A) that exfoliates skin and speeds up new skin cell growth, diminishing dark, uneven skin patches along the way. Other treatment options include Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Intense pulsed light (IPL),Q Switch Laser resurfacing etc.