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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a technique to fight and eradicate baldness (hair thinning) by making the use of high yielding platelets which are derived from patients own blood serum. The patient’s blood is processed to separate each component of the blood. The platelet rich plasma is thus separated and then injected into the patients scalp.

This platelet rich plasma contains growth factors which enhance productivity of new hair follicle stimulating cells. PRP has been very much in use for wound healing and joint restoration from a very long period of time and lately has been diagnosed with this fabulous property of boosting new hair growths as well.

PRP technique can be used in tandem with other surgical hair restoration procedures or could be a very appropriate alternative for personals opting not to have a surgery.

Dr Tulla is a pioneer in the field of PRP therapy and has been one of the frontrunners of introducing this therapy for the first time in India.