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Strip or FUT Method

In Strip or FUT method a complete strip of healthy hair from the back of the head is surgically removed and used for the treatment of baldness. The remanent scalp is carefully stitched to close the space in layers with a special technique called as tricophytic closure and thus there is no wound and ultimately only a very inconspicuous line remains (through which hairs sprout), which would even be hard to find after a few months.

Using the strip of the healthy hair scalp the expert hair surgeons prepare grafts under microscopic precision. Usually batches of one to three hair shafts are prepared through this procedure and then are applied to affected balding region.

The complete surgery is performed under expert supervision and anesthetic conditions hence making it completely comfortable.

The end result of this strip method is extremely good and appreciable.

Strip method is the most widely used method across the globe by trained plastic surgeons. Recent modification of the technique involves Microfollicular FUT in which the hair follicle separation is done under microscopes to give leaner grafts so that good packing of hair in the recipient area can be done to give a denser and absolutely natural look. With this innovative technique large areas of the scalp are amenable for transplantation (Megasession) leading to avoidance of repeat sessions as is the limitation of other techniques. This technique is now the gold standard for people having limited donor scalp hair bearing area as there is minimal graft wastage as compared to other techniques.