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Thread Lift

This is the most "in demand" procedure these days. This is an office procedure & can be done under local anesthesia. The ideal candidate is one in whom the face has started showing early signs of aging and the skin has become lax. The procedure consists of putting specially designed barbed threads (Contour/Aptos/Quills etc) under the skin and tensioning them so that the sagging of skin can be corrected. Very small 1-2 mm incisions are given at the site of entry of thread which is hidden within the hair line. Strapping of the face is done for a couple of days. It takes about a week's time for the contouring of face to happen. Post-operatively patient is advised to avoid vigorous massaging of the face for three months. The threads used are absorbable threads and dissolve in about six to eight weeks time. This procedure can be also extended for correction of a sagging neck. The advantage of this procedure include minimal down time as compared to conventional face lift.