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Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo is a general skin disorder from which 0.5 to 1 % million peoples suffer. It is a skin abnormality which results in white patches at any part of body. The patches can appear due to dysfunctional melanin cells. These patches may vary in size from a minor spot to large skin area.

This skin disorder disease equally affects both sexes and peoples of all races without any discrimination. But it is more noticeable in the people having dark skin. It usually start with a spot appearing on any part of body with the pigment loss and then with time it spread on the other parts like face , lips , hands , arms, legs, genital areas are the common areas of skin which lose pigment. There are many factors that can result in this skin discoloration disease. Vitiligo can may be hereditary in some cases. Vitiligo may be caused by stress that affects the immune system which leads the body to react and hence lose its skin pigment . A variety of treatments are available for treatment of vitiligo. We are treating vitiligo with the latest advancement in vitiligo surgery i.e. Melanocyte transfer with good results Our expertise is in melanocyte transfer so that the discolouration can improved and made similar to the surrounding normal skin.

When is the patient fit for surgery?

When the de-pigmented patch does not increase in size for a period of two years, it is said to be stable. This is the right time to perform vitiligo surgery. If the patch is growing or is in an active phase, it needs treatment with medicines and / or PUVA till it stops growing.